February 5th, 2016CORE Developments

All right, real quick and brief because all developments are of a technical nature and there’ll be no pretty pictures to help the boredom:

  • CORE now has full mouse and keyboard input handling
  • Sprites detect collision with given points and each other
  • Documentation!

Stuff missing:

  • Collision layers and callbacks
  • Proper rotation
  • Gamepad input
  • String manipulation capabilities
  • Rendering text/fonts

I’ve been looking into using the engine to create a little game this week, and the last two points are actually the most obstructive. For one, I can’t think of anything where I don’t need at least a little label or a score, timer, what have you. Secondly, Squirrel doesn’t seem to offer any way to split or parse strings out of  the box. From what I gather I’ll have to look into including the Standards Library.

Beyond that, however, it feels almost ready to start building. The only question that remains is the one posed last week: how much control to give up for CORE to make making games easier. I’m leaning toward ease of use, so some big changes in the way it works will be necessary. And while I’m at it, I might as well write a very basic 2D physics engine. Because physics are cool. And because it’s interesting. But most of all, as per usual, because why not.

Crabman out.