February 12th, 2016Fun with Fonts

They might as well be called FUNts! Or not, because fonts suck. Who knew that they’d be the most difficult and time consuming part to get working (thus far)? But no matter, all that matters now is that they do, and I have the gif to prove it:

I chose to go with FreeType, which is apparently used by Blizzard (oooooh!), and while setting up was easy enough, getting it to render and align the individual glyphs properly was an utter, confusing nightmare. It’s probably much less of a problem if you know what you’re doing, but this was a great reminder that I still don’t.

Anywho, I’ll ignore the fact that the text stroke seen above is rendered in the sloppiest way possible and that a lot of stuff like text alignment and measurements is still missing for now. For now I’ll just be happy it’s done. Thank dog for that.

Also done is controller support and a custom standard library, because I couldn’t figure out how to get the Squirrel one running. Sprite rotation around its origin is now working as it’s supposed to as well, though it does not factor into collision calculations yet. Still, that’s most of last week’s to-do list taken care of, leaving mostly clean up and a good bit of restructuring before I get into 2D physics and the real fun begins!

Crabman out.