February 26th, 2017INTERIOR OUTRAGE – That Album Wot I Made

I don’t know if you knew this, but in addition to my many other impressive talents, I also like to make music, and have been doing it for well over 18 years. And yet it took me until 2012 to release my first album (and by “release” I mean I shared it with my friends on Facebook. They thought it was alright.)

But now I had the bright idea to give that old thing a proper overhaul, to remix, remaster, and release it a little more officially for its 5th birthday – which, incidentally, is also the 10th anniversary of my making music under the Bob Roberts name! How fun is that!

So here it is! My first album, remastered, rereleased, available for purchase and admiration:

You can also check out a number of other ways to listen and get it on the official website.

So give it a listen, tell your friends, and if you feel like kicking a few bucks my way, it’d be much appreciated!

Crabman out.