March 4th, 2016McStreamy

Remember when I went on and on about streaming and playing OGGs and stuff? Well, that’s about all I managed to get done this week, and since this is all sound, we’re once again left without another slight variation in the same dreary screenshot.

But done it got, no longer forcing you to have uncompressed audio taking up lots and lots of space on both disk and memory. It’s not even too hard to set up as OpenAL handily provides the functionality to queue and play buffers. If you ask nicely, it’ll also tell you if it’s done with one or more of those, leaving only the refilling and queuing of the next chunks up to you.

What I am a bit stumped with, however, is the matter of pausing and resuming, as well as properly stopping playback. Somehow I’m getting strange errors when I try it, allegedly thrown by Sqrat, which is more than odd, especially since try/catch won’t do any catching, but it’s still likely just due to the script calling a faulty function.

Anyway, perhaps it’s time to stop going on about this after all. There’s less and less of those big, fun additions with each passing week and the small stuff that needs sorting out is hardly interesting enough to keep going on about it. Perhaps I’ll even mean it this time. I guess we’ll find out next week.

Crabman out.