February 26th, 2016The Sound of Choppy Music

Yes. It’s time for sound. Which you can’t see, so again, only a brief update for lack of pictures to make it seem longer than it truly is. Here’s what’s new:

  • Audio objects and player
  • WAV and preliminary OGG support
  • Lots of nifty functions you might like when tinkering with sounds

And here’s what sucks about it:

  • Choppy sound, presumably due to lack of proper buffering
  • Only 32kb worth of OGG sound at a time, same reasons
  • A separate DLL for ALUT which I only use for loading WAVs
  • No MP3 support

Well, most of these issues are most likely easy to fix, but what I can’t fix is MP3 being licensed and needlessly expensive, and until that changes I won’t bother. ALUT will also go right back out the window when I have a minute. It was nice not having to learn how to manually load files into a buffer for OpenAL to use, but for OGG support I had to do it anyway and I don’t want a separate DLL to be required to run CORE. I like that it’s just one executable and everything else is game code and content.

So I guess all that’s left is to learn more about the way OpenAL works and figure out how to stream sounds from the hard drive. And when that’s done, I’ll apply some of the resource management trickery I used for the sounds to sprites as well. Perhaps even build a proper resource manager. And a camera, and audio effects, and image effects, and whatever else I keep forgetting about. Maybe it’s time to make good on my promise to finally try building a game with CORE to see what’s what.

Crabman out.