January 29th, 2016Walking the Line

Now, of course we saw the lil’ guy moving already, but what’s moving without walking, I ask you! (It’s gliding.) So naturally that had to be remedied, with a brand new animation system at that! Just look at him go!


Isn’t he just darling?

Actually, this sort of thing would’ve already been possible to do with just a bit of additional scripting, but I suppose the point of having an engine is that it can take care of those same boring tasks you’d otherwise have to do over and over again for every game you write. And that’s also where I’m currently going back and forth on how much of those tasks I want CORE to handle on its own.

Up until this point, I have mostly worked with basic frameworks like XNA, or even HTML5. They hugely simplify drawing and other low-level tasks, but beyond that you’re on your own, something I’m rather fond of as that offers great flexibility and control. The downside, however, is that there will obviously be quite some repetition between projects, of tasks that aren’t necessarily the most exciting. This can of course be helped by writing libraries to take care of those for you, but, you know, if I’m writing an engine, it might as well be part of it. The only thing to consider is how much it should do and how this might affect its usability across different projects. After all, it wouldn’t be too great if some things ceased to be possible to make others easier.

Ah, control vs. comfort, the age-old struggle.

Crabman out.